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Masonry in Genoa

Guess who created the first Masonic lodge in Genoa! Just a little clue: it wasn’t a Genoese.
In fact it was some French militaries that gave birth to it in the XVIII century. 

Nevertheless the secret order and its refuge wasn’t so secret: the government knew their location. Indeed the masons usually reunited in some noble houses on Carignano hill. However, even though they were kept under watch, they didn’t concern the authorities so much.

The masonic Lodges that were born afterwards had funny names like “La compagnia della felicità“ (Happiness company) or “Trionfo Ligure” (Ligurian Triumph).

The first one is the oldest.  Although people must pay a fee to enter, the atmosphere was casual. Just imagine: mandolin’s music in the background and the people chatting. But suddenly the lights go off! Why? Just to let the people have some intimacy…
Finally, before leaving , some money that would have been donated to charity was collected.

Instead the “younger” masonry “Ligurian Triumph” was created after the example of the South American lodges and in its ranks could count a well known character: the famous Garibaldi!

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