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Explora offers a new way to live unique and exciting experiences in Genoa’s historical center.
Urban excursions are a smart and original way to discover the heritage.
History becomes interesting, inquiring, curious and funny entertaining.

On Foot, through the “vicoli” (alleys) of the city, one of our official guides reveals charming stories about the official history mixed with secrets and fascinating details lost in time.
A splendid city full of beauty and legends…to discover!

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Genoa noir

28 Febbraio 2021

Come to discover the dark side of Genoa. Time rolls back in this adventure that transports you into an obscure and mysterious city where the alleys are not so safe. Once travelers feared them! It was considered a dishonor to carry in this narrow streets swords or daggers whose blades were not battered by fighting. So, join us on a walk through some of the crime scenes that fascinated the most the press of the time! Discover the misadventures of ruthless killers, nice shoplifters, creepy criminals and live a unique experience colored with noir tones!

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Genoa in rose

6 Marzo 2021

Join us on a journey to the discovery of the Genoese hidden feminine world. Let yourself be seduced by the unforgettable passions, intrigues and secrets of the Genoese women of the past. Saints and witches, nobles and commoners, revolutionary women and court ladies unveil to you the hidden soul of the palaces and streets where they lived. Discover the story of the muse par excellence, Botticelli's inspiration for his Venus, or the one about the noblewoman who mocked France's greatest general...this and many other tales are waiting only for you!

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Genoa old shops

13 Marzo 2021

Join us in a fascinating journey to discover ancient trades, intense perfumes and flavours lost in time! Walk with us through the alleys and discover an ancient pharmacy, the stall of the Mercato Orientale (Oriental Market), ancient groceries and sciamadde (old chip shop with wood oven)! Smell the atmosphere of the Genoese cuisine and discover the areas that  stretch between the city's most important commercial artery - Via XX Settembre - and the Barberino district of Piazza Colombo. So, What are you waiting for? Jump into an adventure between the XIXth and XXth century that catapults you in the amazing city of liberty palaces and traditional shops!

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Nel muro del magnifico atrio di Palazzo Ducale si trova ancora oggi una buca da lettere. Grazie a questa cassetta
Alla fine del XIX secolo il senatore Acquarone possedeva un allevamento di mucche da latte. Le sue mucche brucavano tranquillamente
fantasmi e leggende
Il mistero della "Creuza do diao" tra suoni e rumori sinistri, apparizioni inaspettate e luci tremolanti nelle notti genovesi cinquecentesche.