Scopri, vivi, ama

Explora propone un nuovo modo per vivere esperienze uniche ed emozionanti.

Un modo originale e innovativo di scoprire il patrimonio culturale.

L’arte e la storia diventano interessanti, curiose e divertenti!

Racconti affascinanti e misteriosi sveleranno la storia ufficiale arricchita da particolari illuminati da luce soffusa, dimenticati nel tempo, aneddoti, curiositá, miti e leggende che riveleranno il fascino e la bellezza di un luogo unico, segreto…tutto da scoprire! 

Prossimi appuntamenti

#IlRavera Detective

18 Aprile 2021

An unusual story is waiting to be discovered! We already have some clues, but there are many pieces missing from our mysterious puzzle. Help us to solve the enigma! To do so, we have to investigate the secrets of the city, learn its most hidden sides, reveal the real intentions of its inhabitants… but be careful! Do not let the tasty and intoxicating temptations distract you!  So, what are you waiting for? Let's discover the secrets of the Old Town together with #ILRAVERA!

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Rebels of Genoa

25 Aprile 2021

Dive into the Old Town to discover all the rebels who animated Genoa's history. Indeed there have been many revolts and conspiracies in the city. Discover them and the armed contests among the most important Genoese families. Learn about their tragic or comical implications. Experience a rebel city whose memory is indissolubly linked to the rebel boy par excellence, known as “Il Balilla”. So, what are you waiting for? Come and satisfy your curiosity and your thirst for knowledge!

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Genoa top secret

1 Maggio 2021

Genoa preserves many secrets. Some are concealed in some dusty archives, others are hidden in plain sight. Join us on an adventure to discover  their unexpected world! Experience a tour where many mysteries are unveiled and many interwoven stories are untied! Would you like some spoilers? Well together with our original guides you can discover secret conspiracies and the real stories of grand masters, mad philosophers and heroic sailors. Meet Columbus and Barilla and discover secrets that neither a true Genoese know! We have just one condition for you...Mum's the word!

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Gli stessi nomi di vicoli e piazzette rimandano spesso a questa vocazione commerciale: cartai, stoppieri, tintori… E proprio nel vico