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Policy – Terms of use


1.1. Booking is required for all our proposals, both in Calendar and Tailor made tours.

1.2. Depending on the type of tour, the booking procedure are the following:

1.3. Visits on Calendar: can be booked and bought only online* .

1.3.1. If the booking/purchase is received after the 2nd day preceding the visit, it is mandatory to present at the meeting point the booking confirmation email in either paper or electronic format (on your smartphone or tablet).

1.3.2. The guided tours will take place only after the achievement of the minimum number of participants required.

1.4. Tailor made tours: please fill out the form that you can find in each page describing the tailor made tours or contact us directly. We will be glad to present you our best proposals to suit your needs.

1.5. For further information and support we ask you to fill out the form on the website in the tailor maid tours section. Otherwise you can visit us on our office in  via Garibaldi  8/1/A, 16124 Genova (GE), call us 0100995560 or write us [email protected]

*attention: the price includes the cultural service of the guided tour held by one of our licensed tour guides, assistance service provided by our staff and assurance. The price doesn’t include possible entry ticket, amplification system or other potential extra (i.g. means of transport’s ticket – Castelletto lift), tastings and/or any other activity, if not otherwise specified. The online payment is handled by WooCommerce, ARM S.r.l.s. can not be held responsible for any problem related to the payment. Any right to demand a price reduction – if applicable – not expressed at the time of the booking causes the decay of the right. ARM S.r.l.s. is committed to maintain the site updated and functional. Any responsibility for errors and or malfunctioning is excluded. All the information regarding the services, the prices and contents are supplied within the website. These contents are accurate and inserted in good faith, however ARM S.r.l.s. can not be held responsible to anyone for the possible inaccuracy or incompleteness of such contents. The Website is available in the form and ways in which it is displayed at the moment of the usage. ARM S.r.l.s. disclaims any liability for any direct or indirect loss that results from the use of the information within the website. The accurate content of the site can be subject to changes at any moment and without any notification.


2.1. Tour on Calendar: online through WooCommerce

2.2. Tailor made tours: through bank transfer

2.3. Invoicing and Exemption

2.3.1. During the booking the Customer is obliged to supply in advance the tax information required and to request explicitly for the invoice at the time of the quotation.

2.3.2. According to art. 22 D.p.r. n. 633/1972 guided tours are VAT free.

2.3.3. According to article 2 lett. n) D.p.r. n. 696/1996 ARM is exempted by the emission of any  tax receipt.

2.3.4. According to art. 22, n. 6 D.p.r. n. 633/72, Arm is not obliged to issue an invoice, unless the client requires it explicitly and in advance.


All our proposals include;

3.1 The service of cultural activity is held by licensed tour guides (unless expressly indicated expressions).

3.2. R.C.T. insurance cover with a leading insurance company to protect all visitors against unintentional damage caused by our staff during the guided tour.

3.3. The tour on the Calendar do not include:

3.3.1. The supply of headphones ( that can be included under request and quotation)

3.3.2. The price of the entry tickets to museums and exhibitions, if applicable;

3.4. Requests for variation or timetable extensions of guided tours can not be accepted, unless expressly agreed in writing by the 7th day before the date of the tour and subject to availability.

3.5. If not explicitly indicated, all our tours do not include possible further extra (i.g. restaurants, typs, donations to places of worship, ecc.)

3.6. If within the time between  the delivery and the pick up of the amplification system (receptacle/transmitter) by the person in charge, it undergoes lost or damaged, the Customer is obliged to pay a penalty of which he/she has take note through the flag of the voice “I accept safe tours” . The Customer is obliged to pay the penalty  amounting to € 180,00 (+ VAT) for the receptacles and € 250,00 (+ VAT) for the transmitters to ARM S.r.l.s..


If possible we try to break down any “barriers” for a more widespread culture and knowledge.

4.1. We apply a discount to the service of cultural activities in the Tours on Calendar to disabled people and their companions prior the sending of an email with the medical certificate released by the public medical commissions and/or the scrutiny of serious handicap.

4.1.1  Entitled (until a maximum of two people per guided tour prior still available slots)

  • sightless and deaf people  and people with serious motor disabilities;
  • psychic and psychological disabled

4.2. We try to pay attention also to children and families, in particular in regard to our visit on Calendar.

4.2.1. Children between 0-5 years old (included)The service is free for all the tours on Calendar (except for the amplification system and/or possible entry tickets according to museums or bodies’ conditions); please request information if the tour on Calendar provide for the use of means of transports

4.2.2. Minors between 6-10 years old (included): Discount for the Tours on Calendar unless they are “Special Edition” (as specifically signaled)

4.3. To know if and how it is possible to book, please contact our number 0100995560 and/or write to [email protected]

4.4. If eventual rights or discounts (coupon codes) and/or discounts on entry tickets are not inserted and/or selected at the purchase stage, it causes the decay of the right.


5.1. All the services of cultural activity are supplied in Italian, unless it is requested in the “Tailor made tours” section.

5.1.1. All the Tailor made tours may be supplied in any language (also extra-european one) prior check of availability.

5.1.2. In any case it is available an additional interpreting service prior check of availability and quotation.


6.1. Details: date, timetable, meeting point and possible useful  further information are indicated with the following modalities depending on the type of tour:

6.1.1. Tours on Calendar: in the booking confirmation email (except possible variation that we will promptly communicate);

6.1.2 Tailor made tours: in the email that we will send to the Customer some days before the date of the event/guided tour, including the necessary attachment if required.

6.2 We recommend comfortable shoes and to always look at the weather forecast before leaving ( with the exception of tours in case of tour on boat, tram, bicycle, car or other means of transport, our outdoor guided tours are usually pleasant walks that last between 90 and 120 minutes circa, if not otherwise agreed with the Customer,).

6.3 If the tour includes a pace of worship we strongly recommend suitable clothing (Women should have shoulders and knees covered, Men should at least have a t-shirt and short pants).


7.1. Our guided tours are confirmed also in case of bad weather, unless objectively severe conditions and natural disasters. In case of additional third party’s services ( tram, boats, ecc.) you are still subject to the regulations imposed by the supplier.

7.2 In case of cancellation operated by ARM, please refer to point 8 below.

7.3 We are aware that a tour in the rain could not be the same, but unfortunately there isn’t any system that can help us to foresee the weather and even if it existed, there would not be any chance to satisfy everyone setting a new date. Our guided tours on Calendar are organised far in advance precisely because we’d like to give everyone who’s interested the chance to take part in them. Therefore it is impossible to foresee the weather of a specific day. But don’t worry! Genova is Superba (Superb) even in the rain!


8.1. Variation of dates, stops and timetable: the tours may be subject to changes or limitations due to operative needs or to force majeure (Strikes, special complete or partial closure of the places of visit, fault of the surface or navigational mean used during the visit, natural disasters,demonstration, traffic changes, disorganisation of the bodies that has to be visited ecc.) not attributable to ARM.

8.2 Regarding potential requests of variation or extensions of time, we invite you to read point 3.4 above.

8.3 Rate variations: In case of unexpected costs or regulatory changes, the rates will be updated and communicated through email to the Customer for the balance.

8.4 Cancellation by ARM: if the variation or limitation concerns an essential part of a tour/event, ARM will proceed with the cancellation of it giving a telefonic communication and/or sending an email. If possible ARM will also propose a tour/event of equal value that would not involve a variation in the rates. The Customer will be able to accept the alternative proposal or request a refund of what has been paid ( the cost of the museums or exibition’s entry tickets if provided as well as the additional costs related to the refund are always excluded).

8.5 Potential complains -under penalty of forfeiture- must be sent without any delay and anyway at the latest 10 days from the date of the event/guided tour through email to [email protected]


9.1 Cancellation has to be communicated by written email to the address [email protected] . It will result in the following refund or penalty ( except for the  museums’ entry tickets when provided as well as for the additional costs connected to the refund), according to the type of service booked* and the date of receipt of cancellation (ARM’s response to the same address as the sender of the cancellation email will be deemed authentic) :

9.2. Tours on Calendar:

9.2.1. Until the 10th day preceding the guided tour will be kept the 10% of the rate;

9.2.2. Until the 5th day preceding the guided tour will be kept the 50% of the rate;

9.2.3. From the 4th day preceding the guided tour the booking is considered confirmed, not cancellable and therefore not refundable.

9.2.4. In case of no show at the meeting place at the expected time, namely in case of loss of contact with the guide once the visit has started, the booking  is considered definitely confirmed and therefore not refundable.

9.3. Tailor made tours (except other explicit agreements)

9.3.1. Until the 15th day preceding the event/guided tour will be kept a rate equal to the 10% of the one agreed;

9.3.2. Until the 10th day preceding the event/guided tour will be kept a rate equal to the 30% of the one agreed;

9.3.3. Until the 6th day preceding the event/guided tour will be kept a rate equal to the 50% of the one agreed;

9.3.4. Starting from the 5th day preceding the event/guided tour the booking will be considered confirmed and not cancellable, therefore not refundable.

9.3.5. In case of no-show at the meeting place at the expected time, namely in case of loss of contact with the guide once the visit has started, the booking  is considered definitely confirmed and therefore not refundable.

9.4 We invite you to call us right before or after the written communication during the office hours (from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. local time) to the number 0100995560

* The refund of exhibition or museum entry tickets is not provided unless they are inaccessible because of causes attributable to their own organisation. However the refund will take place after the seller’s authorisation.


10.1 Unless expressly indicated, all the catalogues, images and text within the website or sent through any other support- are creations of intellectual property of ARM and all service related are reserved. The reproduction and diffusion (even partial) in any form of photografies, pictures and texts is forbidden.

Eventual link will be allowed only via the communication channels on the website, namely prior Arm’s written authorisation.

10.2 The brand and distinguishing marks of the society are exclusive property of it.

10.3 Offenders will be prosecuted according to law.


11.1. Personal data are processed according to GDPR 2016/679 and its subsequent modifications and addictions.

11.2. The Data Controller for the purposes below is ARM S.r.l.s. with legal office in Via Garibaldi 8/1/A, 16124 Genova (GE), VAT number/CF 02421940996

11.3 We invite you to read the entire policy in the section  Privacy Policy & Cookie Policy


12.1 In case of any controversy, the only competent court is the Genova one.

For further questions, information, clearing don’t hesitate to contact us through: – [email protected] – 0100995560

Last update: 13 January 2021