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The Prince Garden


Join us on a journey to the discovery of many secret stories hidden along the route of the antique Aqueduct of the Prince. Walk through the places of the ancient reservoir that fed the fountains in the park, and then descend along the ancient “creuse” (mule tracks) of Fassolo. Experience a journey in the role of a prince, a king, an emperor or a servant who passed through Andrea Doria’s Villa. Meet a slave called Amett, a real pipe’s expert of whom we would know nothing if it wasn’t for his sketches of the layout of the garden irrigation system. Take a look at the elegant headstone of Gran Rolando! We know that’s a very extravagant and demanding name for… a dog! But, after all, it was a gift of the emperor Filippo II. These and many other curious stories are just waiting to be unveiled! Come and discover them with us.

Gardens, Mysteries and Secrets

Come with us and discover the many facts connected to the Prince Villa and Garden.

Take a look of the majestic fountain where the statue of a satyr rides a marble dolphin. It is an amazing piece of art by Giovanni Montorsi that gives us a different and original idea of the usually serious and strict Andrea Doria. Join us and learn more about it!

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Venue: Ingresso lato levante (rotonda) della Villa del Principe

Phone: 010 099 5560

Email: [email protected]

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