Genoa and the Plague


The death knell sounded too much between 1656 and 1657. Why? Because of the Plague. It was “ the greatest misfortune suffered by Genoa”. There is almost nothing left to remember it.  Maybe the city tried to exorcise the memory of the plague but we won’t let it happen. Join us on a tour that leads you from the alleys of the Old Town to the majestic Church of Carignano. Live a true time travel that transports you to one of the darkest pages of Genoa’s history. A history made up of brave surgeons, tireless friars and, of course,of indomitable merchants. Come and discover the most gruesome details!

Genova and the Plague – La Superba of 1656

An Invisible enemy challenged Genoa  between 1656 and 1657. It was the Plague.
The historian Filippo Casoni described it as “ the greatest misfortune suffered by Genoa”. It was an epic disaster that hardly challenged the city. Between the end of June and the beginning of July 1657, the terrible second wave broke out. On average more than a thousand people per day died, about one person every two second! Thanks to the many letters and memories of the survivors we can reconstruct the phases of those infernal 70 weeks. Days marked by acts of heroism, but also by the madness that took possession of the Genoa’s inhabitants.

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