Rebels of Genoa


Dive into the Old Town to discover all the rebels who animated Genoa’s history. Indeed there have been many revolts and conspiracies in the city. Discover them and the armed contests among the most important Genoese families. Learn about their tragic or comical implications. Experience a rebel city whose memory is indissolubly linked to the rebel boy par excellence, known as “Il Balilla”. So, what are you waiting for? Come and satisfy your curiosity and your thirst for knowledge!

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From a Torn Body to a Cry of Revolt

It was the year 1746. Genoa was on everyone’s lips in Europe. Why? The XVIII century was a dark period of war in which Ministers moved armies like chess pieces, but Genoa never liked to be a piece rather than a player, so decided to rebel. Its inhabitants kicked out a troop from their city. It wasn’t a big surprise since Genoa has always had a rebellious spirit. Actually, in Paris was published a book that told about every Genoese rebellion since the time of the ancient Ligures!

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