Crimes in Genoa


Come to discover the dark side of Genoa. Time rolls back in this adventure that transports you into an obscure and mysterious city where the alleys are not so safe. Once travelers feared them! It was considered a dishonor to carry in this narrow streets swords or daggers whose blades were not battered by fighting. So, join us on a walk through some of the crime scenes that fascinated the most the press of the time! Discover the misadventures of ruthless killers, nice shoplifters, creepy criminals and live a unique experience!

From a Nice Rascal to a Terrible Murderer

The year was 1967. The priest of the Church of S. Maria delle Vigne was called by Filippo Casoni for what should have been a “domestic consult”. But guess what? He was set up for the celebration of a wedding! A not common one since the bride was protestant! The priest was shocked and furious when arrived at Casoni’s home and found the man and a pleasing English widow – Anna Maria Stistom – trying to pronounce their vows. The desire of the two lovey-dovey wasn’t satisfied: the marriage was invalid. The imprisonment of Casoni in the Genoese jail – Grimaldina Tower – was just the icing on the cake…

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