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Come to the doge’s house! The wise Ambrogio di Negro turned his Palace in an illustrated book full of legends and Greek myths. The adventure of Paride and Perseo flows like frames of a film with its great warriors and terrible monsters, but that’s not all! Once you’ve spotted all the animals and symbols that protect the Old Town, let’s move to Lorenzo Costa’s house. There, a hanging garden and an unusual connon reveal special stories lost in time! Have fun learning the history of the city through facts and riddles. This activity is dedicated to children within 6 and 9 years old. An accompanying adult is required for each booking.

This is an Italian monolingual tour


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Let’s play among the Palaces!

Experience an adventure in a world made of myth and legends. Explore hidden caves and hanging gardens in a tour where history, art and facts turns into a special game. The only rule: keep your nose in the air!

Palaces: Ambrogio di Negro, Boggiano Gavotti

All the tours follow the “safe tours” procedure. The price of the tour includes the radioguided system.

We invite you to show up at least 30 minutes before the departure time in order to conduct the accreditation procedure. The departure point is Vico della Chiesa della Maddalena 20r – at the corner of Via Garibaldi 8 Palazzo Cattaneo Adorno.

Tipologia di biglietto

Accompagnatore, Bambini 6-9 anni

Event Details

Durata del percorso: circa 1 ora e 15 minuti

Il programma visite guidate “Rolli Days | Tours 2021” fa parte dell’evento “Rolli Days Live & Digital 2021”. Scopri di più su

Tutte le visite sono svolte da esperte Guide Turistiche professioniste di Genova, abilitate da Regione Liguria #GuideTuristicheLiguria

Duration of the tour: about 1 hour and 15 minutes

Rolli Days | Tours 2021” is part of the event “Rolli Days Live & Digital 2021”. Find out more on 

All the tour guides involved in the tours are Genoese official guides, licenced by Regione Liguria #GuideTuristicheLiguria

Venue: MaddAlive - Vico della Chiesa della Maddalena 20r - angolo Via Garibaldi 8 Palazzo Cattaneo Adorno

Phone: 010 099 5560

Email: [email protected]

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