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Segreti e misteri


Genoa preserves many secrets. Some are concealed in some dusty archives, others are hidden in plain sight. Join us on an adventure to discover  their unexpected world! Experience a tour where many mysteries are unveiled and many interwoven stories are untied! Would you like some spoilers? Well together with our original guides you can discover secret conspiracies and the real stories of grand masters, mad philosophers and heroic sailors. Meet Columbus and Barilla and discover secrets that neither a true Genoese know! We have just one condition for you…Mum’s the word!

Mum’s the word

“There is a secret Garibaldi who is even more fascinating than the official one.”

Do you think you know Garibaldi? Well, if your answer is affirmative, you will probably be wrong. Did you know that Garibaldi has been described as a mix between Ivanhoe and Sandokan even though, except during the fights, he was always unarmed?  He also obtained the maximum grade of the freemasonry, receiving at the same time the first card from the Society Protector of Animals. Join us and discover many other of his secrets!

Tipologia di biglietto

Intero, Ridotto Over65, Ridotto 6-10 anni, Gratuito bimbi fino ai 5 anni

Event Details


Venue: MaddAlive - Vico della Chiesa della Maddalena 20r - angolo Via Garibaldi 8

Phone: 010 099 5560

Email: [email protected]

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