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Innamorati a Genova


Follow the pink thread of love to Genoa!
Join us on a tour where the greatest love stories that animated the city are unveiled. Dive in the flame of passion that once burned the Old Town of the Superba. Walk with us among narrow alleys and hidden squares and be touched by happy endings or the tragic conclusion of our tales.
In balance between melancholy and joy, discover an unexpected city full of emotion and sweetness!

From a Perfect Love to a Rebel Passion

There were two things that the handsome seducer Giacomo Casanova loved more than anything: women and gambling. According to his memoire there was a memorable night in which those two passions combined perfectly. Indeed thanks to some lucky bet at the biribi game he won the heart of a superb Genoese lady! The biribi was a game in the middle between tombola and roulette in which every number coincided with an image.
It was carnival and the superb lady who caught the eye of our bewitched Casanova was dressed like a Harlequin. So Casanova decided to bet repeatedly on its homonym on the game tableau.
How did it end up? Let’s just say that that night the seducer was as lucky in the game as in love.

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