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Le Chiese di Genova


Discover the majesty of some of the most wonderful Palaces and Churches in Genoa. Their gold details shine brightly! Let your eyes wander in imaginary spaces that open towards the infinity. The mastery of architects and artists amaze you immersing yourself in the golden and marble atmosphere of the Genoa of the XVII century!

The Churches of Genoa

Keep your eyes peeled when you enter St.Siro Church! Otherwise you may miss the evil and almost hidden protagonist of its majestic frescos.
Look carefully! Why are the people of the fresco running away? To who is the saint in the center of the scene addressing? But, of course to the vile basilisk at his feet! The King of snakes stands there fiercely,despite its quite small dimension. Did you know that it has the size of a chicken?!



Event Details

Venue: MaddAlive - Vico della Chiesa della Maddalena 20r - angolo Via Garibaldi 8

Phone: 010 099 5560

Email: [email protected]

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