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Superb Genoa


Economy, banks and trade have always been Genoa’s beating heart! The city was a crossroads of goods and people, deeply rooted to the cultural melting pot.

Roll back time to when Genoa was the first bank in Europe! Meet Niccolò Grimaldi and Baron Andrea Podestà through the words of our original guides and discover the city through the Suq.
Join us in a tour that makes you know Genoa through its historic business vocation!

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From Bankers to successful Family

Join us on a journey where sea, spices’ aroma, enchanting markets and negotiation are protagonists. Those elements developed a Mediterranean culture only waiting to be discovered! In Genoa the mystic moderation of the Medieval buildings and the coloured atmospheres full of life,enthusiasm and emotions create a unique mix. Come and experience it firsthand!



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Venue: MaddAlive - Vico della Chiesa della Maddalena 20r - angolo Via Garibaldi 8

Phone: 010 099 5560

Email: [email protected]