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Pesto tour


Do you know pesto? It is one of the topics that can make any Genoese discuss for hours! Not many people know the legends and the tales bound to its recipe and many don’t even suspect that its ingredients have changed in unexpected ways over time! Join us on a tour to the discovery of its seven original ingredients! Dive in the alleys and squares of the old town where once Genoese women went to supply their pantries. Feel like a true Genoese retracing the history of pesto!

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To the Discovery of an Ancient Flavour

Roll back time to the XVI century! A period when trade was growing and with it commercial spaces too! Indeed at this time Genoese women that once went to Ripa to buy the rare vegetable that grew in the difficult land of Liguria, started to do their grocery shopping in piazza dei funghi (Mushrooms Square) and piazza delle erbe (Spices Square). It may seem fun that three centuries later the author of “Cuciniera genovese” (Genoese cuisine)managed to “connect” these two squares in one of its recipes. Of course, we are talking about pesto one! He called it “mixture or garlic taste” and advised his readers to add “not so young mushrooms” to flavor it. So we can definitely claim that retracing pesto’s ancient history means retracing Genoa’s one!



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Venue: MaddAlive - Vico della Chiesa della Maddalena 20r - angolo Via Garibaldi 8

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