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Music in Genoa


Dive in the enchanting score known as Genoa! Here the tempo of its inaudible song always seems “allegro”! Walk on the notes of the great characters who loved Genoa, sang about it and immortalized the city in their magic songs! Meet the genius of De Andrè in Via del Campo and all around the city. Follow the melodies played by Paganini’s violin through the maze of alleys and discover Giuseppe Verdi’s favourite places. So, what are you waiting for? Join us in this musical tour!

Genoa among Scores and Songs

Join us on a journey to the discovery of alleys and hidden corners of a city that exude note, anecdotes and interesting facts! Dive in a world made of mysterious and touching stories full of music and pure love.



Event Details

Venue: MaddAlive - Vico della Chiesa della Maddalena 20r - angolo Via Garibaldi 8

Phone: 010 099 5560

Email: [email protected]