Old Shops and Traditions

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Cows and Funiculars

Imagine to be a servant or a maid of a Genoese bourgeoisie family in the second half of the XIX century. If you expected to serve in a house overlooking a crystal clear sea you would be completely wrong! Indeed at that time, the Genoese bourgeoisie began to move en masse to a newly urbanised area, which offered a more rural landscape. Among the houses you probably wouldn’t miss the one of Senator Acquarone, with its herd of dairy cows strolling in the vast park surrounding the property.

Their milk was sold in the old shop called “vaccheria”. A kind of ancient milk production center downtown. But just a stone’s throw from the “vaccheria”, there was the stop for the “latest” funicular railway (opened in 1891)!

Its ingenious system of water-driven counterweights made it possible to reach the city centre quickly and comfortably.

Thanks to it, it was possible to avoid steep streets or long rides in a carriage down Via Assarotti.

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