The Enigma of Sarzano Square

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Where does the name of Sarzano Square come from? caruggi nascosti l’enigma di Sarzano

It is a place name quite common in Liguria, if you think of hamlets like Sarzana, Sarzanello or Serrazzano.

In a Genoa-centric view, someone may say that it comes from “”Arx Jani “, namely Janus’ fortress.
After all, Sarzano Square is located in the area that is said to be Genoa’s or rather “Ianua”‘s original nucleus. It is not by chance that the sculpture of the god Janus tops of the nearby dome, like an eternal keeper.

Anyway, this explanation is unsatisfactory! caruggi nascosti l’enigma di Sarzano
Why? Not only because the name “Ianua” goes back to the Middle Age, so isn’t ancient enough, but also because this place name is used in other parts of Italy too!
According to some people it came from a dialectal form that means “ on the level”, others think that it comes from “Sergianum” ( Sergio’s property).

The historian Geo Pistarino, in 1967, wrote that the name could come from the pre indo european base “sar” whose meaning is linked to the concept of “flowing”. It may be used to indicate “the stream that comes down from the mountain” or the “mountain” itself.

Maybe, the names Sarzano and Sarzana summarize in a single word the harsh nature of Liguria.

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caruggi nascosti l'enigma di Sarzano
caruggi nascosti l'enigma di Sarzano