Charming Tour in Portofino

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Explora, Rete Contatto Genova, Consorzio Liguria Via Mare e DON’COLA is pleased to present a new exciting event: Dinner in Portofino’s Bay.

Experience a special night in one of the most well-known Bay in the Italian Riviera!
Food, culture and sea mix together to give birth to an experiential journey that ends in beauty with our Charming Tour in Portofino!

But first, have a little taste of what awaits you…


 When the sun goes down colouring the sea of Porto Antico with its soft orange shades, that’s the perfect moment when we set sail.

While your taste is delighted by a unique aperitivo, the coast flows quickly: the hamlets of Boccadasse, Sori, Camogli let space to the lush vegetation and then to the rocky promontory.
San Fruttuoso and its white monastery appear suddenly while we slide on the crystal clear waters that hide in their deepness the peaceful Christ of the Abyss.

But suddenly a white light flashes giving us a first greeting: Portofino’s lighthouse is welcoming us.

The Wonder

The wonder of the isolated hamlet that suddenly opens in front of you is simply unique.
Portofino– like the French author Maupassant wrote- widens like a moon arc on the horizon.
The amphitheater of pastel coloured houses on the coast hug the calm bay where the boats seem to be sleeping.
The light of the streetlamps and the one of the bell tower create unique light effects on the capricious surface of the water.

A sense of peace spreads through the hamlet. It is a calm that only the small harbours that whisper their secrets to the wind own.
A true paradise, that the inhabitants conquered fighting along the centuries against Saracene pirates, foreigners, Genoese nobles and many others.

At this sight, in the silence interrupted only by cheers and laughs, our boat docks and the long-awaited charming tour begins. Ready to see Portofino from a unique perspective?


Discover the true heart of the hamlet, made of people, stories and emotions.
Our expert guide is ready not just to make you see the hamlet, but to make you Feel it through a journey in its history and everyday life.
Anyone can feel like a protagonist of one of the adventures that animated Portofino’s bay!

You could be the Roman who built the path that nowadays takes you to the main square, or the one who named the place “Portus Delphini ” (dolphins’ harbour) after seeing some dolphins sprinting in the diamond waters!

Otherwise, would you prefer to be the English nobleman or lady that watches the sea from the top of the Brown Castle’s tower? Just above the remains of an ancient watchtower.
Could you imagine yourself as a fisherman who repairs his net on the dock or like the wife of a sailor who’s waiting for her husband’s return and spends her time sewing sitting on the steep stairs? 

Walk poised between past and present and admire the hamlet from different points of view with our charming tour in Portofino! Climb up to S. George Church and enjoy the most amazing view on the fishermen village known as “ the world’s pearl”.
Would you ever imagine that one of the favourite hamlets of many celebrities and artists had been sold for “only” 70 Genoese lira centuries ago?

Be amazed

Be amazed by the bizarre sculptures in the small botanic garden and museum!
By wandering through ancient and modern paths many facts and secrets are unveiled.
They are waiting for you hidden in the cracks of the stones, under the shadowed porches or along the tracks that reach the green heart of the Portofino Regional Natural Park .
Who lived in the majestic villas in the distance? Which amours lived up the quiet days of the hamlet?

Sear carefully into your memory of this magic night and the charming tour! Otherwise, while you’re lulled by the waves on your return to Genoa, you could fall asleep and think that it was just an enchanting dream… 

Jump onboard and go to Dinner in Portofino’s Bay.

charming tour a portofino
charming tour a portofino