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Ghosts and Legends

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Devil’s square

There was a time in which one of Genoa’s streets belonged to the devil.  Or rather, that is what some naughty smugglers and criminals wanted people to believe! In the XVI century Largo San Giuseppe was called “creuza do diao”, namely the mule track of the devil. No one wanted to pass through this area due to the spooky chain noises, moans and spectral shadows that animated it.

Only later it was discovered that the devil had nothing to do with it!

The noises and “paranormal” manifestation were caused by men who were alive and well. To carry on their clandestine activities some criminals equipped with the predictable sheet, a pumpkin lit by a candle  and some “moaning” turkeys with chains put on the perfect show to keep passers-by away. However, even long after the discovery of the truth, between XVIII and XIX century, the fear remained.

The enlargement work and the change of name to San Giuseppe were not enough to make it a favourite passage for those who have to go home alone at night

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