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The Sewer Gang

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Can you imagine Genoa as the set for a new CSI? It could have been so, if it weren’t for a little carelessness…

27th December 1924. Afternoon,Commercial Bank of Banchi Square, Genoa.
Christmas holidays came to an end and the employees returned to the bank. Once they started their routine operations someone noticed that something wrong happened: someone entered the room of the security box.

Twenty out of three thousand appeared to be tampered with. The thieves break through from a hole in the floor that led to the sewer line. It must have been hard work since they hadn’t only to dig concrete and ground, but they also had to cross a metal sheet of 1 cm that covered the floor under the cavoux. It must have been a long and loud work, but no one noticed anything because of the Christmas holidays, that helped “the Sewer Gang” to flee undisturbed.

Despite the accuracy of the planning, something went wrong and the thieves were arrested. How did it happen? Just because of an ordinary oversight!
The police found the equipment used for the crime under the sewer line of Banchi square. After a few researches and interviews in the nearby shops they found out the felons: Eugenio Porchetto and his accomplices.

Thirty years later Porchetto tried again to get away with its crime, but this time he chose a different setting: Novara’s bank. However, his new robbery wasn’t original at all, since he not only used the same method, but he also did it the night before Christmas and forgot again to carefully hide its equipment. Needless to say, he was arrested…again.

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