A Sketchy Secret Agent

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In 1746 Ange Goudar arrived in Genoa. Who was this man? Some would define him as the perfect 18th-century adventurer, others would call him swindler or crook. However, it should not be forgotten that he has also been a secret agent! Too bad he specialized in double and triple-dealing…

However, that’s not all: he was also Casanova’s friend! In short he was a very interesting character.

But let’s go back to the reason that brought him to Genoa.

Goudar travelled all around Europe looking for any troubled situation in which he could have used his particular “talents” to get some money. So, obviously he couldn’t miss the revolutionary events that took place in Genoa in 1746. Actually our nice crook sneaked into the city and tried to become a “liaison officer” among the fighting factions. Nevertheless his contribution was almost useless (and probably poorly rewarded).

He understood that the secret agent’s job didn’t belong to him, so after the conflict he decided to become… an intellectual! Furthermore, in order to get something from his Genoise experience, he published a book: A “General History of the Late Revolution of Genoa”.

However even when telling the events, he couldn’t help but lie to add some spice to them:

“Several politicians pretended that the adventure of the mortar- piece was not the effect of chance, but a thing long premeditated; but this I take to be an opinion form’d without any foundation”

But, after all, what would you expect from a well known liar?

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