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Explore, Live, Love SLOW

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The collaboration among Explora, Slow Food, Eataly, Palazzo Ducale Fondazione per la cultura e Rete Contatto Genova has given rise to 3 special itineraries that will liven up Genoa’s streets and alleys during  Slow Fish 2021: Explore, live, love SLOW!

Genova 2 | 3 | 4 Luglio 2021 

Join Explora and its expert guides in a sensory journey to the discovery of the ancient and mysterious Genoa’s Old town! Choose one of the 3 itineraries created specifically for SLOW FISH “the water cycles”.
The event is the perfect frame for these tours where taste, tradition and history are the undisputed stars!

But let’s give each its own taste, or rather tour!

Have you ever noticed that food involves all five senses?
The fragrance and the scent of the spices tickle your nose, while a gentle or fierce wave of taste meets your eager tongue.
Don’t forget the eyes! Everyone has foretasted a dish with its sight even before picking up the fork.
And once you bring the delicious taste to your mouth, the delicate or crunchy texture of the food fixes on it and on your heart after every bite.
What about the hearing? Leave it to us!
Let yourself be delighted by the stories and anecdotes of our expert and licenced tourist guides; each one will give you a different taste. 

Are you ready to turn on all your senses?


Explore Genoa with us and discover the secret of the famous Michelangelo!
For instance: what was on his shopping list? Is food the best way to know and conquer the heart of a man? Let’s see!
Roll back time to Michelangelo’s century and explore Genoa in the shoes of an apprentice of this amazing artist! Are you able to gather all the food on his shopping list?
Where could it be, the smelly anchovies, the herrings and the salami asked by the master? Where could you find the wine? Who sells the right vegetables?

Join us in this journey back in time and discover the forgotten quarters and the hidden alleys where you could have bought everything you needed to satisfy the demanding artist. An invisible world of ancient shops, mysterious markets and Arabian perfumes is ready to disclose in front of you!
Once you’ve gathered all the ingredients, be ready to go to the temporary atelier of Michelangelo: Palazzo Ducale. There the secrets, the life and the legend of the amazing artist will be unveiled and it “materialize” in the amazing exhibition dedicated to the famous marble master.

If this is the SLOW taste that suits you best, then go to “La spesa di Michelangelo”.


Live an original adventure becoming part of the ingredients of the unique recept known as Genoa! A pinch of shaded squares, two cups of alleys…and that’s it! The mix for the perfect tour! But something is missing… The secret ingredient! What is it? But of course, food!

The Genoese small shops, its product and its traditional recipes create a delicious mix that conquer your heart with the final tasting in the gorgeous restaurant Eataly!
A wine glass mirrors in its elegant shape a rich cutting board where many delicious products that are also Slow Food presidium wait only for a bite. Don’t you feel hungry already?

If you’re ready to turn on your senses and to try dainty food in a special location then go to  Slow Tour!


Love is a lot like ice cream, don’t you think? It melts your heart and makes you smile (when it doesn’t freeze your brain!). Then, if you’re an ice cream lover and you’re ready to smile, join us in this tour dedicated to the youngest

The queen needs some new royal tasters! Be prepared to challenge your taste buds with 3 special and unique ice creams created especially for this occasion. Have you got the makings of a true taster?

A pinch of culture, spiced with some facts and a big cup of happiness, but above all ice cream gives birth to a fizzy flavour that can please the most demanding taster! And once you have completed this creamy mission you can have your special Taster degree.

Is this the taste for you? Then go to Slow Tour | Kids

Don’t miss Slow Fish 2021 and its amazing flavours!