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Via XXV Aprile

Do you know the Butterfly effect? It is the theory according to which a small change can result in big consequences. Well, the building of Via XXV Aprile is a demonstration of this theory. Indeed the opening of this new street completely changed  the layout of some of Genoa’s districts.

Many alleys that led from Via Luccoli towards Porta Soprana (the main gate of the medieval city) were cut in halves.
A lot of these narrow streets like Vico del Citrone (Lemon Alley) remained without a name for a long time, while others changed it. For instance Vico Chigheumao (strange name that in the old Genoese dialect means cucumber) turned into Vico dell’Arancio (Orange Alley).

Nevertheless, other names disappeared completely because they were too mischievous… it happened for instance with “Vico delle Belle Figlie” (Beautiful Daughter’s Alley). 

Some of the new names came from ancient inns or from the old names of the areas; others like “Vico dei Garibaldi” or “Salita Pallavicini” are due to the owners of the elegant houses that frame the alleys.

Ironically, the street that originated this “butterfly effect” changed its name too! Nowadays we know it as Via XXV Aprile.

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